Corporate Finance

We help our clients raise conventional and islamic debt through bilateral or syndicated arrangements with our intensive industry experience and long established contacts. We advise and assist in wide area of corporate services and can advise and formulate financial strategies for companies. We specialize in all kinds of corporate finance and offer multiple choices to our clients by aiming at quality and value for money.

Fund Based Credit Facilities

  • Trust Receipt
  • Working capital Demand loan
  • Point of Sales Loan
  • Bill Discounting
  • Foreign Bills Discounting /Purchasing/Negotiation
  • Bills Discounting against LCs

Non-Fund Based Facilities

  • Letter of Credit (S/U)
  • Bank Guarantee (Financial /Performance)
  • Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC)

Term Loan

  • Setting up new or expansion of manufacturing/industrial units
  • Exchanging of high cost debts availed form other banks/FIs
  • Loans against future rent receivables
  • Factoring of Future receivables
  • Assets finance including construction or acquisition of warehouses, labour accommodation

Project Finance

  • Funded & non funded

Other Finance

    • Cross border Trade transactions and Financing arrangement
    • Factoring
    • DIP (Debtor-In-Possession) Financing
    • Confirmation and Discounting of Letter of Credit
    • UPAS LC Re- Financing
  • Bridge Finance